Particulate Filtration and System Pre-treatment

Particulate Filtration includes various filter assemblies, including cartridge units, centrifugal-action separators, select media filters, and membrane filters System Pretreatment is supplied to treat feed water, primarily to meet the requirements for reverse osmosis use. This typically includes cartridge or multi-media filters, water softening units, and carbon media filtration.

  • Cartridge Units utilize various filter materials to handle a broad range of fluids, well into sub-micron levels
  • Centrifugal separator modules can be utilized in broad flow rate ranges down to ~ 70 micron filtration levels
  • Multi-media filters provide minimal maintenance units to achieve 20 -25 micron filtration
  • Water softeners provide mineral/hardness removal for numerous process applications including boiler feed and reverse osmosis supply.
  • Carbon Media provides removal/improvement of organics/VOC’s, chlorine and chloramines, color, and taste.
  • UV (Ultra-violet) modules for bacteria inactivation and TOC reduction. These units can be used for both feed water treatment and as a secondary filtered water treatment component.
  • These devices can be provided individually or in combination to meet most user requirements

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