We guarantee that your iPure system will produce high purity water to your exacting specifications before it leaves our factory.


mRO Produces Pure Water for High-Flow Applications

As innovators in water treatment systems, we’ve pre-engineered an easy-to-operate, cost effective unit that can produce 5 to 150 GPM of high purity water.

Why Choose an mRO System?
Units are ideal for industrial and commercial applications such as food, beverage and bottled water production where high flow rates are required.
State-of-the-art RO membranes consistently produce 99-99.99% reduction in dissolved inorganics; 95-99% reductions in organics greater than 150 NMW; and 99%+ reduction in suspended particles, colloids, micro-organisms and pyrogens.
With many standardized options available, you buy only the components you need, tailoring unit construction to your exact requirements.
Units are delivered completely assembled, factory tested and ready for field installation, which means you can start producing on-spec water quickly.
EDI module can be integrated into mRO design for industries' most economical pure water choice.

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iPure’s large scale mRO for industrial pure water production

2.5 GPM mRO with dual quality monitors and UV sterilization option