We guarantee that your iPure system will produce high purity water to your exacting specifications before it leaves our factory.


iPolisher Simplifies Pure Water Distribution

As innovators in water treatment systems, we’ve pre-engineered an easy-to-operate, cost effective pure water storage and distribution system that can deliver from 5 to 200 gallons per minute of pure water.

Why Choose an iPolisher System?
Compact, modular construction minimizes floor space requirements and allows for easy system expansion
Factory tested, skid-mounted system eliminates complex, multicomponent installations
Fast installation and startup means system is up and running quickly
Reliable, user-friendly operation with minimal maintenance and downtime
Centralized operator interface for all skid components, including optional cleaning and sanitization modules
Easily maintains product water at the correct temperature and specifications – USP, WFI, ASTM and CAP
Standardized design and components allows for simple validation procedures

Need to produce high purity water too?
When integrated with the iPure water purification system, the iPolisher can consistently deliver pure water at the following specs:
99-99.99% reduction in dissolved inorganics
95-99% reductions in organics greater than 150 NMW
99% reduction in suspended particles, colloids, micro-organisms and pyrogens.

We can integrate iPolisher and iPure units in a turnkey solution for the most demanding of applications.

Download sales sheet and product specifications

S-series with sanitary polypro piping, strip chart recorder, automatic quality divert system

S-series sanitary stainless steel with automatic hot water sanitization, loop cooler option

L-series with PVDF piping and automatic ozone sanitization system

iPolisher-C with integrated online TOC monitor and Allen Bradley control package