We guarantee that your iPure system will produce high purity water to your exacting specifications before it leaves our factory.


EDI Simplifies Continuous Pure Water Production

EDI Produces Pure Water Continuously, Requires No Regeneration

As innovators in water treatment systems, we’ve pre-engineered an easy-to-operate, cost effective unit that produces high purity water continuously, without the need for costly regeneration chemicals.

iPure’s EDI incorporates the best and most reliable electrodeionization technologies and is a direct replacement for conventional polishing deionization. EDI is designed for use with existing pretreatment and distribution equipment.

Why Choose an EDI System?
EDI units produce consistent on-spec water continuously, minimum 10mega-ohm resistivity.
Each unit is delivered completely assembled, factory tested and ready for field installation, which means you can start producing on-spec water quickly.
EDI cell resins require no costly chemicals and no time-consuming shutdowns for regeneration.
EDI modules are the smallest and lightest units per unit flow volume processed. Units are energy efficient as well.
Low initial cost and reduced operating expenses make the EDI unit an economical choice.

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10gpm EDI module with sanitary polypropylene piping and quality monitor

EDI Cell utilizing thin plate technology design