We guarantee that your iPure system will produce high purity water to your exacting specifications before it leaves our factory.

We serve customers in diverse industries, including:

University Labs
Corporate Research Labs
Health and Beauty
Food and Beverage

iPURE Domestic users:

GE Global Research

Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation

National Institute Of Health – Bayview Research Center

John Hopkins University

University of Connecticut

Able Laboratories Inc.

Ohm Laboratories, Inc.

Nu World Cosmetics Inc.
USDA Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center

Therion Biologics Corporation

Wissahickon Water Company Inc.

Sidmak Pharmaceutical Inc.

NJ University Of Medicine and Dentistry – International Center for Public Health

iPURE International users:

Becton Dickinson, Puerto Rico

Abbott Laboratories, Puerto Rico
Laboratorios Rety De Colombia S.A., South America

Biopolis Life Xchange, Singapore